1970-73 Camaro RS Driving Lights

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Each pair of driving lights comes with a pair of black mounting plates, complete wire harness kit with a fuse, remote switch that operates the 7-color LED glow rings, and color-coded instructions. Each driving light bolts into the front of your 1970-73 RS Camaro with two studs just like factory. Each 55-watt quartz halogen driving light is elevation adjustable, and can also be connected to illuminate with your park lights if you choose.

The remote switch can be mounted to the interior of your Camaro using the attached 3M double-sided tape, which allows you to easily change the color of the glow rings to the following colors:
Amber, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Light Purple

When the driving lights are on, we recommend turning the glow rings off to avoid possible overheating. DO NOT USE LOCK NUTS during installation because it will unlock or break the studs in the mounting plate.

*Be advised that running blue or red lights in some states is restricted to emergency and police vehicles.

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