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Clear Shot V2 Rectangular Mirror - Single

Clear Shot V2 Rectangular Mirror - Single

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Our patented Rectangular Clear Shot Mirrors for 1968-72 GM cars eliminate the passenger side blind spot (if used on the passenger side) by allowing the mirror to be adjusted further in. There are two countersunk screws in the back of each mirror head that adjust the tension of the stainless steel ball and socket, which screw into the mirror base. This makes sure the mirror stays where you adjust it instead of falling down while driving. Each mirror mounts to the car like factory with hardware that is included with each one, and are not side specific. Using the drop-down menus, please choose the lens type you would like.

For a full set of our Clear Shot V2 Rectangular Mirrors, please click here.

** Please note that our mirrors are made to look as factory as possible, but will not match factory mirrors exactly. 

Comes with a three-year warranty

Dimensions of mirror face: 5.75" wide x 3.8125" tall
Dimensions of mirror lens: 5" wide x 3.625" tall
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