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1967 Firebird Front 3-Point Seat Belts

1967 Firebird Front 3-Point Seat Belts

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Please allow up to 4 weeks for colors other than black, as some aren't always kept in stock and will be made-to-order.

Made to fit.


Each set comes with completely assembled driver and passenger side seat belts, two female ends with your choice of buckle style, Grade 8 bolts, and all other necessary installation hardware and instructions. 

Each pair of front 3-point seat belts will bolt into all existing factory holes in your 1967 Firebird. If you have stock seats, the brackets that bolt into the floor are made out of stainless steel and are e-coated black. If you have TMI™ seats, the brackets that bolt into the floor are extended to accommodate these larger seats and are not e-coated. Please measure from the existing factory hole in the floor until you just clear the back of the seat, add 2 inches to account for the reel, and choose the appropriate bracket length in the 'Seat Type' drop-down menu when ordering. The belts are sewn according to the vehicle manufacturer's pattern to increase their strength, and come in all of the colors shown in the color grid picture. Please note that even if a color is ordered, the female end sleeves, floor brackets, and clamshell covers will be black. Reel covers may also be black as only certain colors can be color-matched. 

Our seat belt sets are pull-tested to 3,000 pounds of force weekly to ensure their quality and compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). However, our seat belts exceed this 3,000 pound standard by more than 20%.

Using the drop-down menus, please choose the buckle style you would like (buckles shown in second picture), desired seat belt color, and whether you have stock seats or need the TMI™ extended brackets. If the color you want is not listed, please choose "Other Special Color" and type the color name and/or color code into the "Special Instructions for Seller" box during checkout. Please refer to the color grid picture for this information.

Disclaimer: Morris Classic Concepts, LLC is not liable for any bodily injury or death resulting from improper installation of our seat belts, which includes ANY deviation from the instructions. Adding any hardware, making any modifications, tampering with the entirety of the seat belt kit in any way, as well as not using all components of the seat belt kit provided exempts Morris Classic Concepts, LLC from all liability in the case of accident, injury, or death as it has no control over the use, misuse, or alteration of the seat belts after they leave our possession. 
Receipt and acceptance of this product confirms acceptance of this disclaimer.

Part Numbers
For 1967 Firebirds, with Starburst Push Buttons and Stock Seats: MCSB1-4-BK
For 1967 Firebirds, with Starburst Push Buttons and TMI™ Seats (6.5" Brackets):
For 1967 Firebirds, with Starburst Push Buttons and  TMI™ Seats (9" Brackets):

The part numbers above are for black seat belts.
For other colors, please replace "BK" with the desired color code.
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