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P O N T I A C Letter Emblems

P O N T I A C Letter Emblems

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Each PONTIAC letter is laser cut from mirror-polished stainless steel to fit into 1985-2002 Pontiac rear bumpers. For easy application, each letter already comes with 3M double-sided tape on the back. Made in the USA.


Removal Instructions: Take dental floss in each index finger and with an up and down motion, slide floss between the car and the tape to cleanly separate.

Part Number:

P: 2.47" long x 1.05" tall
O: 2.77" long x 1.104" tall
N: 2.56" long x 1.060" tall
T: 2.66" long x 1.10" tall
I: 0.272" long x 1.11" tall
A: 2.77" long x 0.936" tall
C: 2.65" long x 1.125" tall
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